The Story is Slowing Down

slow down

I have been posting things slower, mostly because we are getting closer to the time that I am living in now. I haven’t completely decided how to take the blog from there. I also want to make sure that I have some perspective on the happenings related to her and the separation in my life. The marriage was hard, and the six months leading up to the separation were even harder for me, but I have no idea what the future holds for me. Right now life is hectic, but it feels pretty good, and seems to be getting better. As I decide what to write about, and as the story approaches today I will start to increase my writing. I enjoy the writing. It is therapeutic, and it really doesn’t matter if anyone is reading. At some point, some guy will stumble on this, and these will be the words that he needs to see to know that he is not alone. That is the wonderful thing about the Internet. I know I found so many blogs that helped me realize that at the very least if I was a putz, I was in good company, and I very likely was not a putz. Thanks for reading, and please comment to let me know if I am a total tool or not.